Optimize your website – better SERP results

What is is your google page speed score? Web application blog score is 89 (out of 100).  More score means better google ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Score is measured by 3 priority level. These are -

  1. High Priority
  2. Medium Priority
  3. Low Priority

Check your site score now from – Google Page Speed Online

If you found that  google suggested you high priority issues, fix it as soon as possible. Google says about high priority – ” These suggestions represent the largest potential performance wins for the least developmenteffort.” What are you waiting for? Fix those issues immediately and get better page speed score now. High priority issues are included Combine images into CSS sprites, Leverage browser caching etc.

You can combine your css, java script files and can minify the content. It will reduce HTTP request and page download time. This change will increase page download speed dramatically. Serve website static contents from cookie less domain or from content delivery network. It will reduce server load, page download size and number of HTTP requests. You can check our static content delivery network.

Google says about medium priority is “These suggestions may represent smaller wins or much more work to implement”. It is important to focus on theses issues. For some sites, Leverage browser caching may listed in to high priority. And for some sites, it may listed as medium priority.  You should resolve high/medium priority issues and check again the score. Now you should see the impact these changes on SERP.

Kernel BD Corporation’s development of web applications are W3 validated, google Page Speed, yahoo YSlow optimized.

A good website requires to serve error-less document, requires lesser HTTP requests. Do not serve static contents more then 4 domains, it will increase DNS latency. Follow these steps to speed up your websites, you will feel difference -

  • Fix all markup errors
  • Fix all HTTP 404 / bad requests
  • Fix all issues which are found by google page speed
  • Use CDN/Cookie less domain for static content
  • Use static contents future expire date
  • Minify your contents
  • Use CSS sprite for images
  • Avoid unused content from CSS/JS/text

You should win in the battle of search engine placement.


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