Which E-commerce platform is best for my business?

Which E-commerce platform is best for my business?

Which E-commerce platform is best for my business?

One of my net friend asked about e-commerce platform solution – “which one is good for the business, specially for startup business.” I commented, and thought it will be good for other startup entrepreneur –

1. Do study your needs,
2.research about technologies,
3. be a visionary to determine the business life and
4. sustainable technologies

There are a few popular e-commerce app available, where each has pros and cons. Let’s distinguish there pros/cons in a line.

Pros: 70% e-commerce websites built on it. It is free, labor cheap, plug-in are available, beginner can operate easily.

Cons: You are converting your coat as your sports wear. It means WP never developed for e-commerce platform. Wocommerce is making it ecommerce platform using plug-in feature. If you’re going for longer run, well planned business then you should void this for betterment. If it was that good then stand-alone e-commerce app would not be developed.

Pros: it’s open source, free platform. A little bit technical knowledge is sufficient to operate the site. It is more popular in South Asian region. A number of plug-in / module can be purchased and / or get free of charge. Cheap labor rather than others e-commerce solutions.

Cons: it’s not persistent in development lifecycle. You cannot update version easily. Code are written loosy style, and has lots of bugs in every release. Database schema is changed in every update. Application hierarchy is not maintained. You can find number of helping hand but you cannot dig the platform as per as your very custom requirements.

Pros: If you have investment, patience, enthusiastic and you’re energetic then you can start with community version. If you have enough paitience then Enterprise version is a good shot. It is most popular in USA.

Cons: Labor is not cheap, ready template is not free and little bit pricey. VPS server is a must option which is not cheap as like as business hosting or reseller shared hosting. Numerous plug-in is available but you have to buy to use in your site.

Pros: Number one e-commerce solution in Europe. Strictly maintained the development lifecycle. Not a single wide space found in the code library. Number if ready template, plug-in can be found, less resource hungry compared to Magento.

Cons: Technical knowledge is required in some cases. Template, plug-in are not free. VPS server is required.
Pros: This was a trend in 2018. A e-commerce solution for non techy people, it is managed service. Subscribe and go style business model.

Cons: I never put my eggs on your basket. My business is mine – it is simple math. I will never be dependent on others with my everything. I will try to keep my business control in my hand, if it is costs more, then I have to sell more to recover my expenses.

Other may differ with me. But it is my opinion from my very own professional experience and I am doing web development since 1998, at my very young age.

Let’s see what you tell me in this regard. Thanks!

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