What are the Cost Calculation Factors of Mobile App Development?

What are the Cost Calculation Factors of Mobile App Development?

What are the Cost Calculation Factors of Mobile App Development?

To determine a mobile app development cost depends on many factors. Here is a brief about key points –

1. Database Schema: if it is complex design then price will increase. Because, API need to be developed for each request. If it is Flat database (sqlite), then price will be go down. If no database used then price may be low.

2. Platform: iOS has yearly license fee of $100, so it has default and mandatory expenses. Objective C is affordable rather than Swift.

3. Software Architecture: Price involves complexity of candidate application along with database Schema’s complexity. If it system related app, then cost increase. If it is AI related app, then it will be more costly. Price may increase if 3rd party API such as Amadeous flight reservation system / ebay /Amazon etc. need to be included, then price will be heavier.

4. UI/UX: a good looking app definitely costs you more. Pixel Perfect design needs a perfectionist, so put some bucks for this, also you need allot some extra time for this stage.

5. SQA: In our country, this is the most ignored steps in the SDLC (Soft Development Life Cycle), but it is the enemy of programmers and friend of client. But no client want to spend a penny for this stage.

These are the stages to calculate development cost. But you need to consider some other factors that are mentioned below-

1. Expertise
2. Skill Set
3. Complete Teamwork
4. Experience
5. Enthusiasm
6. Communication
7. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

I myself is a Freelancer, but if you want to get longer version support and you want to do business for long time, then a corporate office with sharp portfolio should be your friend where Kernel BD Corporation is a good competitor.

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