Real time email verification tool – email address checker, ping mailbox!

Email checker, phone verifier, carrier finder Email Address Checker We need to validate email address by sending an email to visitor's mailbox with unique verification code / activation code. Sometimes we need to check email address on the fly, where no time is available to send confirmation message to visitor's mailbox. In this case, we cannot handle ...

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Optimize your website – better SERP results

What is is your google page speed score? Web application blog score is 89 (out of 100).  More score means better google ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Score is measured by 3 priority level. These are - High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority Check your site score now from - Google Page Speed Online If you found that  ...

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Free Electronic Business Card – vCard Generator

vCard Generator You can easily create your electronic business card by using our free tool vCard Generator. Please follow the steps to create your electronic business card. You can embed your photo in to it. You can download our vCard from here. Go to vCard Generator If you want to create personal electronic card, then go to Preference ...

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Online takeaway system – Takeaway and restaurant management system

We had developed a very successful takeaway system (Takeaway and restaurant management system) which is called RCMS. It has many features such as - Quick Registration Process for customers Dynamic menu creation, unlimited numbers of items can be added into the system. Each item can be defined its taste icon - hot / spicy / vegetable / nut ...

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Quickbooks API Integration is a mess?

Inuit Quickbooks Intuit has great online accounting tools for small business entrepreneurs. It has vast and secure API for desktop and web applications to interchange data. To connect your application to Intuit Quickbooks, you may suffer and frustrated as we did. But finally we made things easy as like as piece of cake. Connection of Hosted Model ...

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Create Dynamic Category Listing for Your Ebay Store – Free!

Note: We have released our Ebay Dynamic Shop Categories Version 2.0 We encourage to use our new version, it has several features and some known-bugs has been fixed. Ebay Dynamic Shop Categories Version 2.0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many ebay store designers are suffering to create dynamic store category. When a product category is added and / or edited, they ...

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2011/01/12 API, Ecommerce, PHP Scripts, Popular Scripts And Applications, Web Applications, Web Tools 3 comments

A Twitter Bulk Unfollow Tool

Quick UnfollowIf you can easily find the unfollowed twitter users and increase your follow request number. Just login twitter through quickunfollow application and get list of unfollowed members. You can unfollow them individually or you can bulk unfollow them with the selected list. You can find many websites are doing that, but what is the ...

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2011/01/10 API, PHP Scripts, Popular Scripts And Applications, Web Applications, Web Tools One comment

.htaccess :: mod_rewrite issue – No input file specified – Solution

In one recent project, I have faced strange problem with mod_rewrite. In many projects, I have seen that many hosting server has not .htaccess enabled by default. But in this case mod_rewrite is enabled but not working with common and general syntax for URL rewriting. [code]RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L][/code] This syntax ...

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2010/07/31 Apache, Web Applications One comment

The best way to integrate multimedia into a web site design

Web Design and Development Tips and Tricks Cutting edge web sites today are being lead by Macromedia Flash design. Flash web pages are dynamic, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. We often include flash applet in to page using <object /> and <embed /> tag. OK, it will work for most browser. But when we ...

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2010/07/04 Web Design Tips and Tricks comments closed – SOAP Service and API Issue

Many devPeople trying to access Grameen Phone aloashbei DOT NET SOAP Service through their API. Hence their documentation is not well organized, many newbies are getting trouble to access their SMS server thorugh PHP, JAVA along with other languages. I will try to explain here the reason for the accessing difficulties. For the test case, we ...

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2010/06/26 API, PHP Debugging, PHP Scripts, Web Applications, Web Tools 3 comments