Classified Data Services

Web Solution Kernel BD Corporation provide customized information as per as your requested order. As example, if you need 100 of garments buyer from US, then send us a request, we will send you fully customized 100 buyers list. Or you need any kind of online survey, then just call us. We will do it for you.

Kernel BD Corporation have 5130 garments buyer's complete contact address world wide.More than 20,000 email addresses in several countries, several company (like Website development company, real estate company, Constraction Firm,Interior Firm, Fashion House, Furniture House, University, NGOs, Students, tour operators, travel agencies, tour guides, Co-operative Soceity etc).

If you want data then Call us today at +880.1971.KERNEL (+880.1971.537635) or email us to get started!
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