Customized Applications

Kernel BD Corporation has developed huge custimized applications, web applications, desktop applications. Kernel BD Corporation has worked with Latest and New technology.We have developed huge customized applications for clients and these applications are running successfully .

Some Customized Applications that are using worldwide
  • Pharma Solution - This application are using for pharmacuticals shop. Daily sell, purchase, ontime invoice creating etc are the key features of this application.
  • Digital Manual - The Kings Global Digital Facilities Manual. Unique project handover tool for life cycle management of property and built environment assets. Allows multiple users secure and functional access to view, search and update safety file information.
  • House Management System - House information, rent information, Expense information etc calculation system
  • Stock and Inventory Management System Software
  • School Management System Software

School Management System Software

  • Student Registration
  • Grade Analysis
  • Result Publication
  • Teacher Information
  • Stuff Information
  • Salary Information
  • Student Payment Information
  • Class schedule
  • Exam Schedule
  • Payment Information
  • Due Payment Information
  • Expenditure
  • Income

House Management System Software

  • Holding Information
  • Renter Information
  • Bill and Charge Information
  • Rent Information
  • Renter Information
  • Payment Information
  • Due Information

Stock and Inventory Management

  • Product Information
  • Products In Stock Information
  • Products out stock Information
  • purchase information
  • Materials provider information
  • Sells Information
  • Partial Accounting